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Practice makes better. This is the concept we will apply to forex as well as any other activity that improves your chances of doing well with practice. You might be an experienced trader or a beginner who knows nothing about currency trading - a FREE practice account can make a world of difference and both save you money as well as familiarize you with some of the tools used in the real world.

A practice account looks very much like a real account except that any decisions you make are not real and no money is actually being used. All of the data provided to you is real time just as you would see while using a Live account - which makes it a perfect opportunity to learn as you would while using real money.

Once you become comfortable and feel as though you are read to make the move to the next step - a Live account, you may most often be able to keep your practice account and convert it into a Live account as easy as clicking one button.

Click here to open your free Forex practice account.

There are multiple resources available for all users and its just a matter of where you wish to start your practice account. Most accounts let you practice with $50,000 to $100,000 dollars which makes for a fun and exciting opportunity to learn first-hand what forex trading is about.

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