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Fx market is one of the largest financial markets in the world. It is characterized by its large volume of buyers and sellers coupled with its high liquidity and constant trading. The market is on for 5 days a week and 24 hours each day across the world.

The Fx market offers a number of merits for its players. For instance, the leverage offered its players allows them to make huge profits even with small deposits. The leverages begin from a minimum of 100:1 and could go as far as 500:1 depending on the broker. This is sometimes used to attract the potential investor, it is good. At the same time, it comes with some level of risk. If things go awry, high stake positions might lead to margin calls. But if well utilized with deep knowledge of the trade, leverages are a fail safe way to make profit in Forex trading.

The Forex trading market is a 24 hour market which makes it different from the stock exchange market, thus it offers the trader the ease of placing trades at any time of the day according to convenience. Even this has its own draw backs because at times, it might not be easy for an individual to keep track .It might happen that whenever the trader feels it is convenient, there might be no favorable movements in the market. Your broker or trading robot might come in handy at this point, keeping you informed of conditions of the market, when to trade and when to stay out.

There are up to seven currencies that are of great importance in the Fx market, each are paired against the dollar.

Because of the high number of trades each day and the fact that the proceeding is global, it enables the currencies to achieve price stability and extreme levels of liquidity.

Forex trading is one of the few money markets that requires little trading education and does not take too long to master. You can even master the delicate trading transactions with virtual money from various trading platforms through demo accounts. A demo account enables an individual to master trading signals without actually losing any real money.

At times, overzealousness might push the new investor into thinking he understands the Forex market and thus he can do his trading on a live account; such overzealousness has caused losses for new investors and loss of confidence in Forex trading. Some investors pull out of the game as soon as they experience losses with real money; however this is expected of any investing activity. Keep in mind that practice makes you better, start off with smaller transactions and move up as your confidence level increases.

The lucrative feature of Forex trading market cannot be over emphasized. A trader buys and sells at the same time, a situation known as “over the counter” trading. Every investor who knows what he is doing has the same likelihood for profit.