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As in any business environment, financial analysis is always the easiest to understand when you are looking at a picture rather than a bunch of text. This is true for any investment activity including currency trading.

Forex Charts can be quite usefull:
- Ability to analyze short and long-term trends
- Overlay of multiple indicators helps us analyze difficult data
- Useful information all on one screen that is easy to understand
- Ability to save technical setups of your previous indicators for future use

Not only do you get to see your currency activity, you can also monitor currency trends which help you make wiser decisions. Some charts offer real time data feeds, extensive analytical studies and various drawing tools to help you learn the most in forex trading. is a gain capital group that specializes in forex services, including a free trial accounts and some very useful forex charts.

Here is an example of a forex chart that you might see on your screen if you were to take advantage of this wonderful tool:

Forex Chart